Thursday, February 18, 2016

Prayers for Healing UPDATES

Hello Dear Ones,

I've been giving thought to how to go about our prayer chain. I have decided to do an ongoing prayer post with updates and with Praises as they come in!

If you would like to be on this list, or if you would like me to post a prayer for you, just let me know by the comments below or on my email:  in the Subject line put "Prayer Request" and I will add it asap.

We pray to you Lord Jesus Christ to do your will the lives of your children. We pray for comfort in pain, strength in healing and blessings through struggles. We lift up these Dear Ones on this list to you. We ask for guidance, knowledge, comfort and Spiritual Healing. 

  Healing Prayers

We lift up:
 Gwen L is asking prayers for her sister Joyce who was rushed to a Flagstaff, AZ hospital for emergency surgery for a blood clot.

 Phil C. who had knee surgery and is recovering.

Dot T. as she recovers from shoulder surgery.

 Dot D having heart issues.

Alex S who had surgery and is recovering.

 Misty who had an MRI for the brain and spine; awaiting results.

 Patty’s New granddaughter that she will start to eat!

Ella L. who had a biopsy; awaiting results and is now having severe back pain.

 CJ D. who struggles daily with chronic pain issues.

Clara V. who is having liver troubles. She is at home now, still in need of Recovery Prayers.

Angela is fighting recurring cancer again & prayers to bring her family back together.

Larry D. who has stage IV Pancreas Cancer and is in treatments. UPDATE* the numbers are coming down and spots are no longer visible in some areas! Praise GOD!

Sandy H. who has stage 1V Reoccurring Breast Cancer.

Rhonda K. who struggles with chronic back pain.

 Caroline A. also struggles with chronic back issues & pain.

Silvana who is recovering and near 75% back to normal!! Praise God! And she still needs prayers for recovery.

We ask for your healing in all these peoples lives; these and those unspoken. We praise You for the healing you are doing. We thank You Lord for loving us so much that You gave Your Only Son to die for our sins. We ask in Jesus name these prayers turn into praises. Thank You Father God. Amen.

"So then, don't worry, saying, ‘What will we eat?’ or ‘What will we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’  For after all these things the peoples of the world seek.  And your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. 

"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these other things will also be provided."

                                   —  Jesus Christ, Matthew 6:31-33
Prayers for the Widows & Widowers
 May they find comfort in their grieving knowing their loved one is in God's hands.

We lift up:

Silvia P. went home to the LORD. Please be praying for the family of Silvia during their time of grief.
 Henrietta T. who's husband went home to be with Jesus.  Keep the rest of the family also in prayer, during this time.

 Evelyn K. who's husband went home to be with Jesus.

We come to your LORD and lift up these grieving people to you. We know that they need You in their hours of need. They look to You for guidance of things to come and strength to take one day at a time. The challenges they face will not be without You LORD. We thank You  for your grace, comfort, and support. In Jesus Name. Amen 
 What a joy it is to move people from the top list or prayers for healing to the Praise List!! YEAH GOD!! We give you thanks and praise for your glorious work and miracles! Thank You Jesus Christ!

~CJD. New cream meds are working!! Praise GOD!!
~Jessica K. healing from shoulder surgery. Doing better! Healed Praise GOD!!
~Cathy M. who is awaiting more Foot Surgery. MRI done, awaiting news. UPDATE* No surgery, but cast for 6 weeks Praise GOD!!
~Trevor D. who is recovering from a sliced finger. Healed Praise GOD!!~Caroline  who is recovering from a sliced thumb dealing with severe pain and slow healing Healed Praise GOD!!
 ~Dana Lynn M. who has recovered from Brain Surgery. Healed Praise be GOD!!

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God be with you always, CJD.Sign[The Heavens Declare]

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